Specialty Services

Ultrasonic Finish: CSL’s ultrasonic finish process combines specially formulated chemicals and a precisely designed ultrasonic tank unit. A proprietary CSL process, ultrasonic finish generates a grain structure to improve the out-gassing and sealing properties of a surface.
Multifunctional Plating: Different areas of a single part may have different plating requirements (such as electrical conductivity and resistance/insulation). CSL is able to successfully plate those seemingly conflicting requirements with custom masking and staff expertise.
Plugging: CSL is able to meet the most exacting customer requirements for products where the interior of small openings must be plugged to avoid the introduction of plating material.
Post Bake: In the post bake process, plated materials are baked to improve stress and adhesion.
Strip Plating: When plating needs to be removed for any reason, CSL can strip the plating without affecting the underlying metal.
Masking: Masking is required when plating is needed in some sections of an item but not others. CSL can perform masking using liquid or film material.
Bead Blasting: Available as either a dry process or wet process, bead blasting generates a matte, dull surface finish to improve the adhesion of the plated layer.
The dry process automatic bead blast unit is capable of programming X, Y, and Z axes for consistent and uniform surface finish. In addition, several manual units are available for prototypes and flexibility. A variety of abrasives, both in terms of material and grit sizes, are used as necessary for the finish required by the customer.
The wet hone process is less aggressive than the dry process, using water to impart a smoother matte finish.

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