Ni Lube

CSL’s Ni-Lube is a unique composite coating that blends the hardness and corrosion resistance of Nickel-Phosphorus with the low friction coefficient of Teflon. Submicron particles of Teflon are co-deposited with an electroless Nickel-Phosphorus alloy to provide various unique characteristics:

Low coefficient of friction
Bulk hardness of up to 50 RC (600 VHN)
Excellent corrosion resistance that is not affected by caustic solvents, de-ionized water, or HCI fumes
Extremely uniform thickness
Excellent adhesion to steel or aluminum
Non-stick, non-galling, and excellent mold release
Ideal for a clean room environment because its low friction and excellent corrosion resistance do not generate wear or corrosive particulate
Compatible in high vacuum environments with minimal outgassing measured at levels up to 10-9 torr
USDA approval pending for food contact


CSL has created tailor-made varietals of its Ni-Lube coating to maximize its effectiveness in specific applications. Ni-Lube has been used in:

Precision gears, lead screws, and slides
Indexing pins, cams, rotary arms, and solenoids
Tracks, rollers, chutes, rails, and heat-sealing jaws used in packaging
Mold components such as cavities, inserts, cores and extrusion mandrels
Valve stems and bodies, actuators, needle valves, and hydraulic components
Housings, gear racks and actuator arms for data storage devices

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