CSL is the exclusive provider of Dicronite® coating in the northwest United States. Originally developed for space applications, Dicronite is now increasingly applied in many consumer and industrial applications. This modified Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) coating, an extremely slick dry film lubricant, provides many useful properties:
Very thin 0.5-micron (20-micro-inch) uniform coating
Friction coefficient of only 0.03
Temperature range of –300° F to 1,000° F
Chemically inert
No binder or adhesive as a carrier
Lowest outgassing among all dry film lubricants at any temperature, even at 10-14 torr
Mechanical-molecular bonded coating for great adhesion
Can be applied on any metal or ceramic
Room temperature application with no heat-related concerns
Withstands a load up to 350,000 psi
100% lubricity throughout its texture
Meets MIL-L-85645 Type I specification

CSL Capabilities:
Vacuum equipment manufacturers: Bearings, gears, slides and shafts, load lock/unlock, seals, and fasteners
Petroleum industry: Valves, gear boxes, recording gauges, and down-hole tools
Disc drive (recording) industry: Ball bearings, head activators, sliders, and gears
Plastics molding industry: Anti-galling and mold release
Aircraft industry: Barrels, linkage assemblies, shafts and gears, actuators, fasteners, ball screw assemblies, and many more
Tooling industry: Stamping dies, punches, cutting tools, drills, and grinding wheels
Canning industry: Chains, sprockets, gears, and bearings for conveyors
Machine automation: Pick and place devices, ball bearings, and ball screw assemblies

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