Plating Processes

CSL offers more than 40 types of plating and coating processes.

Electroless Nickel: Corrosion protection, hardness, wear, non-magnetic (>11%P)
Ni-Lube™: Low coefficient of friction, non-galling, hardness combined with lubricity
Dicronite: Very low coefficient of friction, high temperature stability, extremely thin, strong bond with metals
Anodize: Hard, insulator, abrasion resistant, sealable for various colors
Passivation: Corrosion protection
Chemical Film: Underlayer for paint adhesion, corrosion protection
Sulfamate Nickel: Low stress, corrosion protection
Bright Nickel: Hardness, aesthetics
Gold: Corrosion protection, good reflectivity, aesthetics
Silver: High electrical and thermal connectivity, low friction
Tin: Good reflow, soft
TTH®*: Ni-Cd replacement, high reliability in electrical interconnect environements
Cadmium Replacement Coatings: CSL offers the only proven process that meets all the performance requirements of cadmium plating, including a stringent 1000-hour salt spray corrosion test. Applications include high-reliability electrical interconnect components.

* TTH is a registered trademark of Icore International.

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