Custom Processes

Our innovation extends to how we solve customer problems. We have pioneered "recipe" solutions to meet our customers' ever-changing needs – no matter what combination of hardness, lubricity, or hydrophobicity are required. This unique R&D capability combines our array of advanced materials, proprietary processes, and cutting-edge tooling to create the most advanced electrochemical and surface modification solutions in the industry.

The plating and coating needs of today's high tech applications often have several different, and sometime conflicting, requirements that cannot be met by a single process. That's when we utilize our recipe and custom solutions program. Using our advanced R&D capabilities and proprietary systems, we engineer a new solution to meet your specific custom coating requirements.

These recipe and custom solutions have included Dictronite, a modified Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) coating; NiLube™, a proven composite coating that blends the hardness and corrosion resistance of Nickel-Phosphorus with the low friction coefficient of Teflon; and TTH®*, a Ni-Cd replacement coating.

* TTH is a registered trademark of Icore International.

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