Class 100 Clean Room Packaging

CSL is one of the few plating companies to provide plating and clean room packaging services to our customers. We utilize our very adaptable UHV cleaning line and Class-100 clean room.

Our cleaning line has:

The capability to clean aluminum, stainless steel, copper and titanium, plus non-metals such as plastics
Precise digital control on all process tanks to ensure consistency
Ultrasonic equipment to enhance cleaning with no danger to substrate materials
18-megohm de-ionized water used throughout the facility
A nitrogen-purged oven for inert drying
Tank sizes to accommodate 300-mm wafer processing components

Our clean room packaging has:

Controlled positive pressure, Class-100 certified clean room with a positive pressure and particle count monitoring
Climate-controlled temperature and humidity
An air shower entry
Double-interlock windows for parts transfer
Nitrogen-based sealing equipment with antistatic guns to assure particle-free packaging
Class-100 compatibility of all accessory equipment
Custom packaging capabilities
Black light inspection
Vacuum sealing and appropriate labeling capability

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Mahesh Naik
408.727.0893 x106